Getting My Boyfriend Into Entertainment

Entertainment is a broad term that includes many different types of activities. Entertainment can take on many forms, including sports, games, literature, movies, music and television. Entertaining is a type of activity that either holds the interest and attention of an audience or provides enjoyment and joy. It can be a game or an activity but is much more common to be one of those entertaining events or activities that have developed over hundreds of years in particular for the sole purpose of maintaining an audience’s interest. The entertainment industry is worth billions of dollars a year.


Entertainment is good for us because it helps to reduce the amount of stress and releases energy that would otherwise be used up thinking about and working through problems. It also provides something of a light at the end of the tunnel for those of us who find our day-to-day life to be a little less than fun. There are a good way and a bad way to engage in entertainment. Entertainment can pull another person into a deeper emotional experience. The bad way is to simply watch television or have your favorite movie. The good way is to find ways to make the experience more interactive.

People are drawn to things that are lively, exciting, creative, realistic and unique. When people are bored they turn to television for entertainment. This can range from boredom to being completely bored from watching the same show day after day. The creative type of entertainment is drawing, painting, listening to music or writing. The realistic type of entertainment can include things such as science, history, architecture, travel and food. There is a great deal of potential in the entertainment business.

The problem is trying to figure out which entertainment pulls another person into a deeper experience. If the person isn’t engaged with what they are watching there is a very good chance they will stop watching in order to get something more substantial. Even though movies and television are probably the most popular form of entertainment most of us are drawn to some form of independent film or the theater.

When you are interested in getting someone involved in entertainment then it is a good idea to get them involved in one form or another. When you are looking to pull another person into an entertainment group, it can often be as easy as asking them what they enjoy doing. By having them say they like to watch movies the conversation will continue with them until they actually want to purchase a ticket to go see that specific movie. You can even get them to name their top three franchises.

Another good way to engage the person you are trying to pull into entertainment is to create an activity. You don’t have to have them go out on a date but it always works well when you do. For example, you could start a game show with them and have them give each other clues throughout the show. Then once they have reached the end of the show they would give you clues to the next show and so on. The entertainment pull technique works great for many different types of people and has worked well for me in my efforts to get my boyfriend into (and back to) more serious entertainment groups.