The Many Forms of Entertainment


The Many Forms of Entertainment

Entertainment is a broad category of activity which holds the interest and attention of an audience primarily or provides sheer enjoyment and satisfaction. It may be a solitary idea or a collective project, but in most instances is most likely to be one of those events or activities that have evolved over hundreds, even thousands of years specifically with the sole purpose of maintaining an audience’s interest. Entertainment in today’s context generally includes all forms of human interaction, which passes within the defined environment of any given time and place. However, entertainment can also be a specialised activity which falls under the broad heading of ‘arts & creativity’.

The visual arts have always been acknowledged to contribute significantly to the overall richness of any culture. As such, entertainment in the widest sense is included within the wider context of visual culture and is often identified as the creation of art. In the modern era, contemporary visual art has developed as a highly specific discipline which is acknowledged for being distinctive and progressive.

Visual entertainment can take many forms. The visual arts include painting, sculpture, film and television production, visual marketing, and theatre and opera productions. As this list illustrates, the range of possibilities is immense and constantly changing. Within the scope of the arts there are also categories such as visual education, dance, music, visual literature, and visual communications. Within these broad areas of activity, there are further sub-genres such as performance art and dance, installations, visual fiction and computer graphics.

In addition to the above mentioned categories of work, entertainment can take many forms. For example, literature, film and television have all developed specific genres with significant elements of entertainment and social influence. These forms of entertainment tend to develop through a number of unique factors. For example, literary works often refer to a particular theme or underlying theme. In films, characters are typically motivated by various forms of entertainment or by the necessity of escape.

Visual artists often have a unique ability to manipulate the senses and produce powerful effects through the manipulation of light, color, shape and space. Music composers use the structure of tones, keys, chords, scales, and harmony to produce vibrant sounds. Visual artists use their creative skills to create scenes that are normally found in reality. Film-makers create a wide range of complex works using multiple styles of multimedia. These can be informative, persuasive, or purely entertaining but they rely on a range of different forms of entertainment.

In recent years the field of entertainment has become more individualistic with independent artists creating exciting and new works of art. Independent artists commonly self-publish their work and showcase it in various venues including art fairs, exhibitions and websites. The growth of the internet has opened up opportunities for artists across the country to connect and share ideas and information about their work. The internet has also provided avenues for fans and followers to buy and purchase original works by independent artists. The influence of music and art from around the world is continually expanding, making it important that talented artists continue to receive recognition.

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