Understanding the Words Used to Describe Entertainment

Entertaining is not just about watching something being done, it is also about what is being said, how it is said, and why the audience joins in on the fun. Entertaining can be a very enjoyable and successful activity. But to entertain effectively you need to think about how you will be saying and doing things. Entertainment is a kind of activity which holds the interest and attention of an audience so that they keep on watching, or at least take part in the activity being conducted. It can be a project or an idea, but more often than not is more often one of those interactive events or activities which have grown over thousands of years specially for the sole purpose of holding an audience’s interest.


Entertainment is generally seen as good for you and your health. Entertainment helps relieve tension, builds strength of the mind, improves creativity, and releases stress. Entertainment is not only about watching live performances, but can also be related to amusement parks, theatres, discos, comedy clubs, dances, music, museums, shows, and other similar places where people go to enjoy themselves and have a good time. There are different kinds of entertainment available, such as for children, adults, kids, couples, groups, professionals, and so on. Entertainment can also be an activity or sport for some people.

The first major industry in the US, which directly impacts the economy is the entertainment and amusement industry. The most important reason why any business or company considers making investments into the entertainment industry is because of its wide range of global benefits. This type of industry produces enough jobs for the millions of people involved in it worldwide, and indirectly leads to more employment opportunities for the rest of us. In fact, a study made by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that the entertainment and amusement industry supports more than 4 million jobs in the United States alone. This figure is actually an average; however, it is very encouraging for the work force and especially for small business owners as well.

Entertainment can pull another group of people like families. Families who have children under the age of five usually spend a lot of their free time watching cartoons, playing games, and other forms of entertainment. Children who stay at home alone can also benefit from the amusement they get from watching cartoon shows or playing video games. Some studies have shown that children who watch cartoons or other kids-friendly shows grow up to be more responsible adults than those who do not watch animation or other children’s television programs. This shows how entertainment can truly pull another group of people together and strengthen bonds.

Another benefit of entertainment is entretement, which refers to the psychological attraction or “getting of oneself involved in the activity being watched.” Entretement can take the form of being physically attracted to the subject of a particular program, movie, or play, or merely viewing a performance. Some research has even shown that watching a performance can increase mental awareness and even lead to a readiness for actual participation. This ability is most notable among preschoolers and may lead to the development of empathy, which is essential to social interaction and human development. Even more important, watching entertainment can induce a ready pool of creativity in its audience. This means that movies, plays, and other forms of entertainment can actually spawn more ideas than the combined sum of all the creative efforts of a great majority of writers, artists, and other creative people put together.

The entertainment industry is an incredibly important part of our society. The entertainment industry consists of many different elements, each of which is vital to the overall development of the entertainment industry. Because of this, the entertainment industry must remain vigilant in maintaining quality and variety in its output. For this reason, many companies are dedicating resources to tracking down new talents and developing them into the next great artist, author, or actor. Monitoring the words used to describe the products and services produced by the entertainment industry can keep the company abreast of what consumers want and need in their products and services.